Should I get Botox

A friendwoman-having-botox of mine recently had some Botox injections done for the first time. They were very keen for it not to be commonly known and they were very happy with the results. They also strongly suggested that I go and try it for myself. I found myself, for the first time, seriously considering if I would do it.

I have always been a promoter of ageing gracefully, with as little intervention as possible, in the particular form of surgery and injectables. However, I have since being given this further consideration.

The Botox drug is made from a toxin – the same toxin that can cause the type of severe food poisoning called botulism. That alone is enough to make me wary.

I have read many articles and spoken to many people that have had the injections or were considering them. The reasons for their having the procedure done have varied, but it has been generally to improve their facial appearance and enhance their feelings of feeling happy with themselves.

Side effects aside – some more serious than others – I have mostly found that people do experience an increase in self- confidence once they have had it done and generally feel better about themselves and their appearance. Most people would have and have had it done again since. Although many people wish it to remain a secret, and don’t want other to know that they have had it done.

If I was truly confident in myself and felt enough self- worth, would I even consider it? Is it a tool to alleviate feelings of inadequacy and insecurity? And why the secrecy surrounding it?

Mainstream media and celebrity culture flood us with altered images that are ridiculous to try and emulate. It would be unwise for me to delve into the psychology of it here, but the impact on self -consciousness within our culture is evident. I’m not immune to that.

After studying my face extensively in the mirror, I can honestly say I don’t think I’m doing too badly. 23 years of working within the beauty industry has definitely made a difference to the ageing process for myself. I have had many more facial treatments than most people would have had an opportunity to experience and access to the best quality skin care products.

At 41 years old, my face is relatively smooth. Genetics may also play a role here. Deep lines or wrinkles are not something that my mother experiences either. However, I appreciate that having Botox injections can be preventative and discourage lines from becoming deeper or more prominent.

My forehead could probably be smoother, but this is mostly noticeable when I am in conversation and not when my face is resting. I mostly notice the ageing process in my overall skin tone (pigmentation) and the loss of elasticity around my jaw line and marionette lines.

Bipolar Radio Frequency for the skin tightening and Intense Pulse light treatments for the pigmentation will address these skin conditions.

Overall, I am currently comfortable with “how old” I look. I appreciate that a little Botox may make me look fresher and perhaps a little more youthful, but I don’t feel strongly enough about it – yet – to have the injections done. This may change in future.

I fully support anybody’s endeavours at self- improvement and reserve no judgement at all towards anyone having any cosmetic procedure. Whatever makes you feel good. For myself, I think I’ll wait a little longer before considering going under the needle.

Have you had it done? Why did you have it done? How did you feel afterwards?

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