Benefits of Vitamin D

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We are all aware of protecting our skin from the sun and how too much sun exposure can be damaging to the skin.

However, some protected exposure is required to maintain optimal health, including anti-ageing benefits. Without sufficient Vitamin D, we can suffer from lack of bone density and skin issues like eczema and psoriasis.

Our bodies do not keep a reserve of Vitamin D and it is made in our skin when it is directly exposed to the sun. These levels need to be replenished each day, whether that is through dietary intake, or UV exposure, although only 1% of Vitamin D ingested makes its way to our skin. As we grow older, our ability to make Vitamin D diminishes.

As a beauty therapist, I encourage my clients to ensure that they have UVA and UVB protective ingredients in an element of their skin care or make up application each day. For myself, I have an SPF 50 within the primer I use and an SPF 20 in my mineral foundation powder.

Whilst this protection is important for the prevention of excess pigmentation, destruction of collagen and elastin cells and broken capillaries, I still need to see a little sun each day. In my part of the world, about 20 minutes a day is recommended.  The application of sunscreen prevents any damage to my skin, but still allows me to absorb the UV rays I need to create Vitamin D production.

However, to supplement this, a further recommendation would be to include Vitamin D source foods into your diet, like mushrooms, fish and eggs.

Serums containing Vitamin D or ingredients inclusive of seed oil (pumpkin and sunflower), wheatgerm, avocado and jojoba oils can also be applied to topically assist with Vitamin D intake.

The upside of getting a little sunshine is the endorphins that are released – providing us with some natural feel good vibes.

Vitamin D deficiency is becoming steadily more prevalent, with about 1 billion people worldwide being affected, and not everyone has access to year round sunshine. However for most of us, a little protected exposure each day contributes to our overall wellbeing and keeps us looking good and feeling good.



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